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>> here is how things are looking for the airlines. welcome, everyone. i am near neil cavuto. ending their bid to push aside and other union to represent this block. american airlines and u.s. airways are merging. apparently the teamsters didn't want to get into the middle of fighting with another union. or maybe the real reason is the teamsters that it wasn't worth the effort anyway. remember that it was rising labor costs are brought these two airlines together and that
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is no matter how many you have. because they aren't happy about that. and that is when we have a recovery. think what you will about. when things really slow down, you tell me that the customers probably don't say the heck with it. we shall probably see. customers now have the option for a fee of having their luggage shipped to their destination. but it sure beats the hassle.
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on now to our first guest. very good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> what you make of that that america is not worth the fight right now. we don't want to get in the middle of this right now? >> i go back and forth to brazil. i am good friends with a lot of the folks on the flight and we talk about this issue. you basically have two make a deal with unions and this whole merger was orchestrated by unions. and have the government step in and say not so fast the one you know why this one? countless others? >> i mean, it caught everyone by
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surprise. now the stock is down significantly for shareholders since he made the announcement. there are a lot of negotiations with the government. we don't how many times and maybe the management was somehow part of washington national where they have 66% of the slots in the combined carriers. neil: that's right, right into their financial high. maybe they filed a lawsuit to soften up the management. we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. but i think there will be some give and take and i think it will be resolved. it's only fair because these guys are really kind of the odd man out and they will be very
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weekend. neil: that indicate that something bigger is going on here. i know you would show for now a public offering. i'm wondering if that's part of the global climate for this sort of thing or whatever. >> i mean, we filed it, we were ready to go, the company was doing great. we were going to price it in july. and there are demonstrations and confidence. this is kind of had this the exchange rate that went crazy. people lost confidence a little bit. started pouring money out. it went haywire and so we just decided that we should kind of relax and it was something that we have to talk about they invested their private equity investors about 4.5 years ago. so there is a time where they
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want to have a return on investment and that was a major focus. so everyone agreed that the timing wasn't right. neil: all kinds of them had planned offerings. is there something bad going on there? >> there is a company that had a 50% market share. >> so what happens now? >> the challenges are big, others are way bigger. opportunities are way big. we just passed up our goal and we had more departures per day, over 30% of departures and twice as many cities and any other brazil airline routes. a thousand flights a day by the end of the year. neil: so you're not at all persuaded that this was an economic powerhouse? >> is still 5% at brazil.
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there are some people that say you tax too much and your services are too much. it is a society where they depend more on the government. government set it up that way. so they depend more on health care, education, transportation. so if all of these things are working the way that they wanted to come and people are going to have these manifestations and so they are just manifesting that they want things to be run better, they want the government to be run more efficiently. i think the president has responded and made some changes and there was a lot that he was going to pass that they call a fourth arm of the brazilian government. so they were trying to pass that law and i got stopped. but there's a lot of good things have come from it. you and you wonder what is happening in the airline industry itself, even with some of the airlines here? a lot of these people are not
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very happy campers. maybe they are reflecting cost-cutting environment or just how dicey their jobs looked. but i know depends on. but by and large you run across a lot of very unhappy people and i think that kind of spreads. >> yes, i think at the end of the day when you have tough economic times and have high unemployment like you have in this country, people who were more disgruntled than they were before are more reflective and looking back and saying always we have a job. >> you know, we have to understand that there are 50 million people traveling prettier. this industry gets way more publicity than it deserves.
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>> the price of fuel just kills us. we are at the whim of a problem in egypt. from one minute to the next. the offering costs can increase by $100 million per year. by the way, your costs are $100 million higher now. neil: there's no arbitrage against that sort of thing. will there is new technology. we also have natural gas. >> so if we could figure out a way to get this for $2 per gallon instead of $3 per gallon, delta would save $4 billion a year. that is at least half.
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>> i think that there is lake you go through the border across the border in new york and everyone is driving cars and looking very much towards these new vehicles. will. there is a whole different mentality of going on in pennsylvania than there is in upstate new york. and i believe that this stuff is safe. i think that natural gas is really our ticket for the future. whether it's diesel trucks or cars. we can figure out a way to do it. -p>> it's really just fuel. it's all carbon.
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there is are some things that happened. you know, will hurricane sandy, and all of a sudden you're in your kitchen. they are eating each other up and i think it's very fortunate. i hope they get resolved. >> speaking of which.
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neil: coming up next, the republicans trying to make a dynasty. alk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can iorrow yourur boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. neil: immigration reform. shirley barbara says that this makes good sense. the mississippi governor says it makes good economic sense as well. the governor is here to explain why republicans are embracing something that is flawed, but better than getting nothing done at all. reading what you're trying to do here, it sounded a lot like the position that president obama has. better that than nothing. is that right? >> welcome i don't know the president obama will admit that what we've got is a total failure. the worst thing we can do is nothing. because the current system will just give us more of the same. more legal immigrants. it is the equivalent of amnesty. the senate has passed a big
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comprehensive bill that i think advances the ball down the field from. but i think it is a long way from perfect. and republicans in the house have the opportunity to take that as a starting point and give us a really first-rate immigration reform that will get control of the borders seriously. that will surely enforce the people who have visas to come here, that we make sure that they we when they are supposed to. you know, about 40 40% of people came here on a legal visa. so we are talking about controlling the border and we need to do both. neil: david just said that republicans have to move on us because of the very least, it is going to hit them with latino voters if they don't. we make of that? >> well, first of all we know not to do it with policy. we ought to do it with what is good policy.
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it's a noble battle for capital and labor. we need the label. a decline of americans in the declining number are trying to work. we have a high skills, science, technology, engineers. we have visas are willing of 65,000 a year and we only need about four times that many and also e need an essential low skill area like agriculture and many jobs here that we just can't get americans to take. so mississippi's biggest agricultural product is chicken. we have lots of chickens process that we sell at the farm gate. we have a chicken processing mississippi, about one person can speak english. i will bet your thinking is true for arkansas and alabama and georgia. the biggest of all the chicken processing states.
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americans won't do that nasty and dirty foul job, the mexicans who do it, they want more hours. neil: if their wages increase and they are brought out of the darkness, so to speak, the argument is that they won't do it either, that they might stop doing it. what do you say that? >> well, there is no question that when people come here, and this is the case when my great grandfather came here from ireland in the 1840s. people start off with lower skills and they work very hard and improve their skills and they do go up the ladder of employment. that is good. that is not bad. it means that they pay more taxes and contribute more to our economy and more to our society. so i don't take issue with that at all. but i take that as a positive thing for america's future. not a negative.
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neil: would he make of those that would rather go with the senate bill, make changes to it, so they would rather be more comfortable saying to heck with the whole thing and doing anything. >> well, i think that what people should want to do is to take the senate bill and make it a lot better bill. for instance, the big failure of 1986, i was in the white house. it was effectively controlling the border. having standards and measurements measuring whether we are controlling the borders so people are not getting through these numbers and we make people leave when their visas expire.
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neil: does forgiveness come after that? >> well, the senate bill is about expenditures and non-effectiveness of those expenditures. nobody gives a green card for 10 years, nobody can apply for citizenship for 13 years, except for the dreamers who were brought here as children. so they didn't commit any crime in coming here. but my view about citizenship is remember after 1986, 60% of the people eligible to apply for citizenship did not. so i don't know that all of these people want to be citizens. but i do know this. that the requirements ought to be very rigorous. the process should be long. and i have to give the senate credit. they need to make sure that you pay taxes and you need to make sure that you have not committed crimes other than coming here
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illegally but this bill can get better. what i hope the house will do, pass a bunch of little bills that make the senate bill. what americans can feel confident with gun control and the people coming here, they are going to work and they are going to be in the american system. neil: governor, always a pleasure. thank you, sir. meanwhile, what if i told you that taxes are going up. but guess what is going up to? we will have that next and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow.
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this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. will
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neil: let me tell you how you can make some cash. every night we invite individuals to talk about conflicting news on apple. should you be buying a? later on in this hour we are all over it. time for our cavuto clash. taking a couple of issues that leave little room for gray. we have sabrina schaeffer when it comes to minimum wage. first up, regulations. the hill reporting that under this president, an unprecedented overreach by government to control every facet of our lives. it has been picking up steam throughout the democratic and republican administration or out of our lives.
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some 71,224 rules on the book. sabrina says most who know good start cutting him. >> i'm thrilled to be here. thank you for having me. not all regulations are created equal. if you break down the environment regulations, this is a great gop talking point. especially when you don't look at the small print the one i looked at the small print and i can say for every new rule that you put in, you take one out.
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but my point is that the pylon is unproductive. but what do you think of that? >> well, i think that that is what they say about your closet and regulations. but this is only one way of measuring it. this is a tax on american families and businesses. the heritage foundation have calculated it close to $2 trillion in compliance costs to the economy. that is not to say that this is a good way of policy. we have 80% unemployment for over a year the. neil: you think they banks have approached the point of oversell? >> the regulations are very hard
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to get rid of. politicians laster had $7.3 billion getting themselves elected. they have to raise that money. so then they say, oh, that is my special constituent ray. so it's pretty incredible for them to get rid of that. the one i worry that we redefine our politicians success. >> these are being passed by government bureaucrats are not actually elected. that is one of the big concerns. that's regulations without representation. and i think that too often we don't talk about that. we consider this to one
8:27 pm
congressman or senator, but that's not quite the case. neil: that is true. it captivated seattle, washington. i guess they are getting ready for minimum wage. it would effectively double it to $15 per hour. >> not doubling it, i have to say, but it is hardly surprising >> and could quite possibly be. but fundamentally, increasing the minimum wage actually isn't that controversial. 54% of conservatives are raising it is a little bit. neil: but not 50%?
8:28 pm
>> not to 50%. >> i think it's helping those that are in need, but that's not the way to help people. the minimum wage is usually for people without a lot of skills and the restaurant industry and retail, we all know that this is not complicated economics. it actually makes more work for other people to create fewer jobs. the better way to help these people is to help less regulation and less government intervention. have a stronger economy all around. neil: do think there is much credence to the notion that you raise the minimum wage and it would be dramatically? that they have more money to spend and it is a self pleasing cycle, more people spending money and everything all around? >> i think that that is short-term. when we think about young workers, for instance. workers are trying to get into
8:29 pm
the job market, they are raising the minimum wage market and there's going to be fewer jobs. so i think it's better to allow businesses to grow on their own and hope that they can hire the right people at the right price. >> who knows. we have hundreds of economists trying to raise minimum wage. neil: they are all to the left it seems. >> i think so. but that's very strong on this and it's very fascinating. >> it is not dramatic. we're not centering on the. neil: wait until you hear what
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these individuals just told us to do. we will will
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neil: here is how bad things are getting in egypt. they say they are reevaluating its strategic relationship with the united states. nevermind we have been given them a billion and a half dollars each year. the brutal crackdown on citizens
8:33 pm
continues unabated. they say it is time because whoever you support in egypt they say focus were egypt is. should all heck breaks loose, they fear that oil prices will soar. but petro chemicals ceo john hutson singer is not worried just yet. so you're saying not yet at least? >> no, i am not in that camp. many people are, but mostly it is their tactics. using them to their advantage and they have in the past. when you think about it, the suez canal has 4.5 million barrels every day they go through there. fortify percent and egyptian
8:34 pm
military, as you pointed out are part of the pipeline. so i am not the least bit worried. i think that oil is about 15 to $20 price today about what it would be priced if we didn't have these scare tactics. neil: the argument has always been, over the course of your lifetime, it is just like a commodity and its unrealistically responsive to these developments there. but it might also be reflecting a global recovery beginning to take hold. we make of that? >> well, when you think that the gdp will drop india is down to the four to 5% gdp.
8:35 pm
the u.s. is running about one to 2%. over capital oil and natural gas and track income and that is the drilling through the shale rocks and finding more oil reserves, many have been found another we can track natural gas and oil. they have increased our natural oil supply compared to 20 years ago by 40% were a hundred% applied. when you look at the other factors, the cars are getting far better mileage than the libyans have developed a better oil program. they have a few problems going on right now.
8:36 pm
when you look at the fact that they are producing more, all these factors add up to the fact that there is plenty of oil around and tremendous amounts of natural gas which is certainly relevant to the transportation industry from what used to be oil. neil: if you don't mind if i could switch gears and talk politics. you are a party and you what you make of the libertarian wing of the party and the more traditional wind and maybe chris christie included their. and whether it is going to be when republicans all but imploded. are you worried about that? >> i am and i thank you for
8:37 pm
asking. i hope they don't become a party of criticism. we hope that we can reach out to the citizens of america. neil: are they more of a libertarian secrets or the chris christie, you know, the bellicose nature, but would he make about the republican party and what it is? >> i think that chris christie and jon huntsman junior, they're all right of center moderate republicans. nixon, reagan traditions. once we leave these pockets where the majority of americans are, the great majority, the
8:38 pm
silent majority that we talked about all through the last 50 years, all we hear from them by the extreme right wing folks and what they do and most of them are obstructionist. neil: so you will get ted cruz and some of these others as obstructionist? >> i absolutely do. in order to get along, we have to give a little here and there. all politics is a matter of compromising. we can't they have it my way or the highway. i've never worked in our history and it won't work in the future. so you are right. i think that governor christie and governor bush, they are on the right track. neil: is your son running again? >> you know, i just don't know. he spent the last two months in asia and china and indonesia and
8:39 pm
korea and japan. he has traveled widely. he is a wonderfully educated foreign policy person as well when he was governor for two terms. i don't think he is decided in any way. neil: the one with all of your kids and grandkids, even if you shouted it out, you wouldn't hear him. neil: >> we just had another yesterday we had about 56 grandchildren. we are so blessed with these nine children and by the way, i hope people know what a remarkable man that you are. you have these programs every day. you are one of my great heroes of might. neil: you are embarrassing me, but with what you have been
8:40 pm
through, young man, i sure appreciate it. you are such a good example to everyone. jon huntsman senior, it is such a pleasure, as always. >> thank you. >> at our cancer institute in salt lake city, we've had some wonderful breakthroughs. onderful breakthrough in one and two men will have cancer and one in three women. through the use of this guidance ultrasound system we have been working on for years, scientists have come up with 90 to 95% of the non-invasive surgeries and we are so proud of our
8:41 pm
scientists. i would just like to tip my hat to all the wonderful researchers in the world. because it's hundreds of separate genetic diseases instead of just one. they are doing such a great job and i might do and i have suffered through it and many others as well. great process has been made. neil: you are were generous enough to give me up to her and i really appreciate it. you provided that and that is a lesson on how to do health care right. maybe we should've done the whole health care law along those lines. john, thank you. best of luck. >> thank you so much. good night's. neil: in the meantime, what a pain in the butt. mr. kutcher will do just fine.
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neil: the biotic holy apple founder on the debut weekend. i hope that was because of some bad acting and not revealing stories. i did not see the traditional backlight. we are paying homage to go get him them entrepreneurs to michel field and james. >> many say it focused too much on his career. a lot of people are saying that the focus is not so much on the
8:45 pm
career of the businessman, but rather the side stories where they are hurting the small guy i'm talking about all of the corruption. this film didn't do that. i don't think a lot like that. neil: you have such an interesting vantage point. what is a reflection on this? >> it is a tradition. the natural instinct because they embrace the last in their storytelling. and i think that they are going to report to this because this film justifies that it was positive. by the way, the reason it is an exception is because hollywood perceives steve jobs as one of their own. he is on the board of disney. he created pixar.
8:46 pm
neil: i didn't even think of that. when you make of that? that he might've been a little bit less to the left? >> this is an anomaly. you know, they are very much against big business. but if you talk about steve jobs and apple, all of a sudden they love big business. they made a big exception with steve jobs. i don't think that we will see many other films that are pro business and focus on the career and the person in a good light. instead it will go back to what usually is, the businessman is always the evil villain who is out to get the small guy. neil: clearly john sculley came in and sort of put the pedal to the metal. he doesn't come off that great. what do we read into that? >> well, he is not one of their own.
8:47 pm
the businessman in hollywood, money never sleeps, having this film flopped, they are probably working on wall street iii. [laughter] neil: you guys could be right. i want to thank you both. interesting take on this film. hope springs eternal. meanwhile, the secret is now out. it is not just republicans. he is not alone and he had some company. the president has some problems. we will be right back. travelingy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! nd with double miles you can actuay use,
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neil: well, if it's anything
8:51 pm
like a phony scandal to the white house, mark udall is talking about the growing number of democratic senators. patrick wants to hold hearings on the latest report. we have a senator that agrees with fellow democrat. a a lot more has to be done. how big of an issue. how big is this getting to be won so many prominent democrats are saying that we need a lot more answers to this. >> you know, i don't think this is about republicans or democrats so much as it is about surveillance here. we have set up certain kinds of activities in our federal government that allows surveillance. the question is who are they surveilling. what information are they collecting and so on. what we have learned recently is that there have been substantial
8:52 pm
mistakes. but the fact is that some were very likely consequential as well and the american people have a right to be concerned. what is the government doing. is there proper oversight. in my judgment there has not been proper oversight with respect to these issues. >> tiwari with so many prominent senators of both parties, many of them that have been on intelligence committees and the like, reportedly had no idea that this was going on. that worries me as well. >> we have had top secret briefings here but i don't think there's any question that there has not been adequate oversight in this committee. neil: if you can't come with your cat is? >> one thing that unites all of us, you, myself, the audience, and plenty of members of congress, is that we don't know what is happening.
8:53 pm
we know that brought authority has been given for surveillance activities with certain guidelines and secret courts and so on. the fact that which we know at this point is like pulling teeth. and there needs to be a better way. i understand we need to protect ourselves and have this and so on. but the american people deserve to understand what is our government doing and isn't following all of the walls aggressively when it comes to the surveillance. neil: senator, we will see what happens. thank you so much. making news tomorrow. should you buy or sell? we have a bull and a bear on the line. we will have that next
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women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarg or painful breasts; problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red bld cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about e only underarm low t treatment, axiron. neil: all right, technology in trouble, or is it? it is time to talk about buying or selling. gentlemen, welcome.
8:56 pm
a new study is out that shows gadget sales are petering out. >> gary, that is rather severe. why is that? >> we have had a good run in the market, but i do not think the earnings for a lot of technology is really good. ibm's earnings and sales are down. oracles are down. in order for the sox to do welcome you have to grow the businesses. by the way, stocks have been on fire over the last nine months, even though their earnings and sales are down. the market is doing worse. so i would stay away. >> thank you for having me. when you think about companies like google, those are the bellwether stocks that form leadership for these other sectors. when you think about samsung and apple, it is not about the
8:57 pm
features and benefits. they need to connect the products were the people to use them on their daily tasks. neil: maybe they are moving before apple gets the chance or presumably enhance your smart phone before apple gets the chance. doesn't that say something about our technology? >> one thing they have an advantage on is that they have the lead on these product launches. apple will have to respond really well. but at same samsung can connect with people, people don't know what kind of product they need, they need to know how to improve their lives right now. companies like that will see higher stock prices. neil: what would you base this on? >> it is based on a long-term
8:58 pm
portfolio. including why you need to buy it. if you have a long-term conviction, there could be bumps along the way. neil: what do you say, gary? >> i am not a buyer because i think 50 to $60 of this getting everyone fired up here, the expectations were the sales, stocks coming back down. just remember apple's last quarter was not a good recipe for higher prices. neil: gary, we hope to keep investing in housing recovery. >> i have been there for a
8:59 pm
while. which means interest rates are spiking high and it's affecting the housing market. they are now forecasting lower growth going forward. i would say my biggest issue is published as a stone the fed getting a tenure down to in the quarter. it is now 2.9. mortgage rates are to be higher going forward and i think that you have to stay away at this juncture. neil: 71% are refinancing. so there is a big boom. we may see that start to taper off. make sure that in your portfolio there is a reason why we own homebuyer stocks. make sure it is a long-term proposition. neil: it will be a dominant theme. a lot of comments on it.
9:00 pm
we will be all over it. you can make money, you can save money, you can protect your money. that's what it's all about. have a good night. >> hello, eve. i'm dennis kneale in for gerri willis. why is the federal government trying to persecute this year of capitalism? seems like is open season. the lawsuits and the investigations mount. also, waste, fraud, abuse of taxpayer dollars taken to a new level. we're calling it food stp trafficking. a new study from t government itself on a number of people selling their food stamps for cash. we have all the latest buzz on the phone. what is everyone at twitter today? turns out that the next one may not be a cheaper version after all. think cold. l that and more. our top story, regulations running rampant. president obama

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